Month: February 2016

I have compiled a short but necessary (well, necessary for my own sanity) of common grammatical errors that need to…for the love of all that is holy in the written word…STOP! These, of course, are probably not the worst but do reside at the top of my personal list. These are also only considered “sins” […]

To complain or not to complain: that is the question. Whether ’tis better to vent my frustrations to the world or keep my complaints locked tightly inside my mind. And by doing so relieve my loved ones from enduring endless rants about the annoyances in my life. Rise up against my inherent urge to vocalize […]

I keenly remember a professor in one of my graduate literature classes asking the students to defend the purpose of fiction. It seemed ironic to me that a person who spent his life teaching fiction would ask others to substantiate it. It was a query he claimed was spawned from his brother’s strong opposition to […]

Last night, I read to my son Laura Numeroff’s book, “If You Take A Mouse To The Movies.” We both love this book but I imagine for different reasons. We mutually enjoy the Christmas theme. But while my son loves the colorful illustrations and cute mouse, I appreciate the mouse’s proclivity for having every thought […]