Top 10 Statements Baffling Book Lovers

index3I love books. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a book in my hand. For me, every unopened book provides the possibility of fantasy, adventure, and knowledge, making it impossible to not crack open the cover and begin the discovery.

However, on my journey from sipping tea with Jane Austen to hiding under the bed with Stephen King, I have met some along the way who don’t share my enthusiasm for reading. Those who consider reading fiction nothing more than a pastime.

So, as not only a writer but also a book lover, I wanted to share some of the comments that I have heard, which I know will baffle book lovers everywhere.

Although there have been many statements, ranging from mildly amusing to completely bewildering, I decided to only list my personal top ten.

I have also included the comments that have previously remained unsaid while I held my tongue, bit my lip, and listened (begrudgingly).

10. “Shakespeare is overrated.” I, at one point, also believed this, but then I learned more about him and realized he is underrated.

9. “I read texts and tweets so…” So, um, it counts as much for reading as walking to the kitchen counts for exercise.

8. “There isn’t really a point to reading fiction.” If you don’t see the point then you haven’t read the right fiction. Or, perhaps, understood it.

7. “I’ll wait until the movie version comes out.” There is a reason everyone who sees the movie always says the book is better. Discover that reason.

6. “Reading isn’t necessary for my career.” What career doesn’t benefit from critical thinking, analytical skills and a broadened perspective? It is necessary.

5. “Reading cliff notes is the same as reading the book but saves time.” Cliff noting books is like taking short cuts in life, you may get there faster but you’re bound to miss something incredible.

4. “I don’t have time to read a book.” Yet there is  time to look through endless social media scrolls, play computer games and endlessly tweet (#thereistime)

3. “I read enough in high school.” When was a quota instituted? I ate enough at lunch, but I know I’ll be hungry by dinner time.

2. “I can never find a book that interest me.” There are an estimated 600,000 and 1,000,000 books published every year in the US alone. So…you’re not looking hard enough.

And the number one statement puzzling, mystifying, and baffling book lovers everywhere…

1. “I don’t like to read.” Stunned silence.

If you are among those who have uttered, thought, or agreed with one or more of these statements you are probably also an individual who views reading books as merely a hobby.

In this writer’s humble opinion, however, reading is much more than a hobby because good fiction has the ability to incite ideas, frame beliefs, and create dreams.

And when done really well, fiction broadens individuals’ perceptions of the world, changing perspectives so that previously held biases and prejudices are questioned and ultimately, changed.

When has knitting or flower arranging done that?

Thank you for reading. I’m excited to hear what you think.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Statements Baffling Book Lovers

  1. I work at a library, so I’ve heard the “I don’t like reading” a lot. When ever I hear those words, my stomach does an unpleasant little flop and I throw-up a little in my mouth. The first thing I say is usually, “So you don’t like talking or listening to people?” The non-reader usually gives me a blank stare or sputters “I didn’t say that!” Then I explain that reading is just a form of communication like talking or listening. If they like watching a blockbuster movie than they already like reading fiction (most movies are based off of books anyway) and if they have ever like watching a TED talk, Nova, or the Discovery channel, than they already like reading non-fiction. Talking and listening, writing and reading, acting and watching, these are all the same thing just in different forms. After that little rant, I ask them what their favorite movie is and I find them a similar book.

    1. Thanks for commenting. It is great to get the perspective of a librarian! I also like how you “teach” people what it actually means to read and the value in it and the “lead” them to a book. I think that often people have baggage regarding reading such as: believing they aren’t good at, thinking they won’t understand it, thinking they won’t find it interesting, etc. You are so right that most people are reading in some form or another, they just need to take that next step to reading a book. As you know, books truly do open up worlds! Thanks again!

  2. Bwahahahah!! This is funny! XD
    Especially the “walking to the kitchen counts as exercise”.
    I don’t know why people feel inferior or have to say something if they don’t read. It’s okay if you don’t read, just don’t say stupid stuff to a person who does. Simple!

  3. I think it was Mark Twain who said that someone who won’t read has no advantage over someone who can’t read. I’ve always liked reading. I don’t mind just sitting at the library or at B&N relaxing and reading. Some people don’t like to read much beyond what they have to for work. Sad.

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