Month: September 2016

In one of my previous posts, “How To Avoid Plot Holes,” I discussed the importance of creating a work free from what I termed “plot holes.” Plot holes are the flaws found in a work of fiction where the writer has failed to catch inconsistencies in the plot. I contend that these discrepancies are jolting […]

Photo by Aaron Burden   As a child, I loved E.B. White’s, “Charlotte’s Web.” So recently I decided to rent the movie to share the experience with my four-year-old son. Unlike today’s action-packed, fast-moving, vibrantly colored 3-D animation this movie’s characters were dipped in muted colors and trudged along at a slow pace. Nonetheless it […]

Photo by Teddy Kelley. Reading good fiction is like taking a long car trip when the weather is fine. There is freedom in experiencing the pleasure of a smooth ride and the thrill of unexpected curves as the scenery envelops and transports you. The minutia and anxiety of daily life melts into the quickly passing […]

Photo by Lacie Slezak Reaching the age when I was no longer dependent on someone to read to me was magical. I still remember the exhilaration I felt having the freedom to choose the book, the place, and the moment in which to warmly wrap myself in the story, enjoying the words and their marvelous […]