Month: January 2017

Do you remember what article of clothing you coveted in middle school? Did you long for bell bottoms, Guess Jeans, or a cool pair of Doc Martins? No matter when the decade, there is always an “it” piece or fad that defines a period of time. But trends aren’t limited to just fashion; they also […]

“I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times…” –“Unending Love” by Rabindranath Tagore Is there only one true love—a soul mate—for each person or is it possible to fall in love again and again? I’ve loved my husband with an intense ardor and loyalty for two decades. He is my breath, my […]

Everyone has a secret or two, some sordid, some harmless. And everyone has a reason for keeping them. Although some of these reasons are completely acceptable, there are secrets that should be kept and then there are those you should tell. Which secrets are those? They are the ones that are unnecessarily closeted—information about the […]

The ball has dropped, the calendar has turned, and we are once again in a new year! Now is the time we traditionally determine to make a change. We announce, scribble, and type out our resolutions to lose weight, quit a bad habit, and better ourselves. With the best of intentions, a lot of enthusiasm […]