Month: March 2017

How I love books. Let me count the ways. And let Elizabeth Browning excuse my cheap poetic pilfering. I love the smell of a book—the sharp scent of fresh ink pressed against crisp pages. I love the feel of a book, its weight and clean, shiny cover. I love to turn the pages, fold the pages, and […]

  I believe that writers don’t become but rather are writers. There is, however, always an important catalyst that causes people to realize their passion. For writers, it’s stories that incite their pursuit of the pen. Whether it was a favorite childhood fairy tale, or an adolescent romantic novel, or a canonized classic, books are […]

We all seem to be living in a faced-paced, get-it-done yesterday world. Even with the help of smart phones, computers, and a learned proficiency in multi-tasking, many of us still have unticked tasks on our to-do lists. Existing in a culture that is moving at a dizzying speed can make even the most productive person […]

In my last post, I posed the question “Do writers need an audience?” Since writers agree that an audience is necessary not only for monetary subsistence but also for their work to be fully realized as a story. The question becomes how do writers find their audience? As any writer knows, an audience for one’s […]