6 Reasons Why Every Writer Should Join A Book Club


I believe that writers don’t become but rather are writers. There is, however, always an important catalyst that causes people to realize their passion. For writers, it’s stories that incite their pursuit of the pen. Whether it was a favorite childhood fairy tale, or an adolescent romantic novel, or a canonized classic, books are the fuel that feed a writer’s desire to write.

Words are a writer’s medium much like color is to an artist. People who choose to spend their days carefully stringing together sentences do so in the hope of creating a poetic and meaningful piece of literary work. Writers’ novels are homage to their love of words and stories.

Often though, during many writers’ quest to compose a novel (or more), they become overly focused on their own process, discouraged by rejection letters, obsessed with Amazon listings, and preoccupied with reviews. Eventually, a writer’s desire to achieve his/her goals of becoming an accomplished author can drive many writers to disregard the fundamental reason for their efforts—their love of stories.

So, how does a writer reconnect with their first love? The simple answer—join a book club.

The following six reasons are why:

1.    To Expand Your Interests: Every reader has a particular style and genre they love to read just as every writer has a particular style and genre in which they write. Joining a book club allows a writer to expand their knowledge and interest by reading books he or she would not have otherwise chosen.

2.    To Be Inspired: Joining a book club gives a writer the opportunity to hear book lovers talk about why a particular story entertains, encourages, or changes them. Hearing how books can transform a person inspires writers to accomplish the same in their own work.

3.    To Feel Motivated: Immersing yourself in reading new and engaging books and listening to the ability of stories to affect people, makes writers feel motivated to attempt to do the same in their own books.

4.    To Understand Your Audience: A book club acts much like a focus group, giving you the chance to hear what readers love and hate about different books and the reasons why. These conversations give writers the occasion to understand their audience—who they are, who they aren’t, what they like and what they don’t like.

5.    To Get Ideas: This doesn’t mean you join a book club to plagiarize other’s work. Instead you join to be a part of discussions about creative works. These conversations incite your own creativity, which helps to generate ideas.

6.    To Connect With Those Who Love To Read: Joining a book club is a way to surround yourself with and connect to others who love to read. Feeling the passion others have for books will remind you of why you love to read. And remembering your love of reading is the first step to remembering why you love to write.

 Being a writer is only possible by being a reader. So join a book club, read a new book, participate in a lively discussion and never forget that stories are the reason you are a writer.

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your comments.

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