Writers: Find Out How To Stop Procrastinating

Last week I wrote an article called, “Why Writers Procrastinate, which listed a few of the key reasons why many writers procrastinate. These were lack of ideas, fear of being revealed, listening to the voices in your head, distractions, page intimidation, and being a perfectionist.

As promised the following are ways in which you can stop procrastinating and start writing!

Break the Block: All writers, at some point, experience a complete dearth of ideas. Don’t allow a momentary shortage of ideas block your path to success. I have written two articles that give suggestions to move past this temporary hurdle. They are “How To Break Writer’s Block” and How To Break Writer’s Block

Face the Fear: You’re not a fraud. If people like your work, there is a good reason. Trust in your audience. The only fraud is a writer who doesn’t write.  

Listen to the Right Voices: You will hear, at times, the nagging whisper of self-doubt. Shut it up by shutting it out. Instead, listen to your characters in your mind—they will tell you the story you need to write.

Find Focus: Don’t work at home! The convenience of working from home often leads to the inconvenience of missing deadlines. So, Don’t work from home! Find a library or a coffee shop. Your office may be unconventional, but so is your job.

Own the Page: A blank page isn’t so intimidating when it isn’t blank. So fill it. Write. You can always edit, rewrite, and start again but it will be easier once you overcome the paralysis of the white page.

Accept Your Imperfection: This isn’t complicated. The truth is your not perfect—stop trying!

I hope that these tips help you to move past your procrastinating ways to meet your deadlines whether self-imposed or otherwise.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to your comments.


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