Month: June 2017

Dear Readers, I am honored and humbled to have so many loyal readers of my blog posts. You are constant in your commitment and always kind in your comments. It’s a boon for a writer to find an audience and I appreciate finding and growing mine. My posts are a means for me to reach […]

Writers must hurdle many obstacles on their path to completing a book—writer’s block, self-doubt, external pressure, and financial stress (to name but a few). These seem like mere stumbling blocks, however, when compared to the anxiety writers face when marketing and selling their book. Once a book is written, the journey only begins as do […]

Writer’s block is an insidious condition that afflicts almost all writers at some point in their career. It’s so prevalent that most of us have not only dealt with it, but we’ve also spent considerable time and effort trying to overcome it. We’ve researched, read the articles, and tried all the best-touted cures. Not unlike […]

Before you continue, you should know that this article isn’t an informative guide to the art of dumpster diving nor do I detail instructions on how to covertly plagiarize a famous author’s discarded manuscript by digging it out of the trash. I’m also not expounding the virtues of recycling for our environment, however I am […]

Categorization, classification, labels. These aren’t typically words associated with personal or creative freedom. Both the fields of sociology and psychology inform us that labeling ourselves and/or others causes a distortion of our perspective, which can be emotionally destructive. Categorical labeling is something people do, however, to cope with the chaotic complexity of their surroundings, it’s […]