Is Your Writing the Ugly Stepsister?

Hey. You. The one tangled in Christmas lights with a to-do list two pages long sitting next to you. The one who is mailing cards, baking cookies, taking your kids to school, and working a second shift for your side hustle. The one who is a writer in addition to everything else. I am talking to you.

What I want to say is that I understand. A common affliction among many writers is they often have the bad habit of allowing everything in their life to take precedence over their writing. They postpone finishing their first chapter to finish the laundry or run errands. They forego editing their work to help a friend. They sacrifice starting their next book so that they can work on their never-ending to do list of household chores and errands.

Many writers uphold their commitment to everyone and everything else even when it means breaking their commitment to writing. So, why do some writers allow their writing to take a proverbial backseat to everything else?

There are several reasons why some writers treat their writing like the ugly stepsister—the supporting character, the side act, the one who doesn’t shine.

One reason is that many writers don’t place value on the job (i.e. writing) that doesn’t accrue the income that another job (i.e. side hustle) does. This frame of thinking can cause writers to often relegate their writing to hobby status instead of considering it a career.

Devaluing and diminishing their writing is what causes writers to rank their work and the time necessary to create it beneath everything else.

The irony of writers who deem their writing as less important than other tasks, jobs, and obligations is that it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in which the writing holds the inferior rank to which it is assigned.

If writers treat their writing like the ugly stepsister instead of the worthy princess then so will everyone else. Your writing will never hold more importance or value than what you are willing to place on it.

So if you are the writer who permits everything else to take priority then you must reassess what holds significance in your life and where in that list falls your art.

It is easy to let our passions smolder while taking care of the pressing tasks that tax us daily but it is important to remember that our passion is what also fuels us to do all those other things with greater enthusiasm and joy.

Never allow what captures your spirit, lifts your heart and ignites your passion to sit idle and silent. Never allow your writing to be supporting character. Instead, write—make your art and your creativity always be the star.

Write on, my friends.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to your comments.

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