Let The Willows Weep

LLTWWhere is the line between destruction and redemption?  What happens when one doesn’t know—do they fall or do they find their way?

When the tenuous ties of her family break, Birddog Harlin is forced to choose a path which leads her away from those she loves, threatening to completely destroy her before she ultimately seeks her salvation.

Birddog is a willful and bitter woman whose husband, after years of suffering her emotional abuse, leaSlide1ves suddenly one morning. She is left with her precocious and introverted young daughter who is devastated and angry, further deteriorating their already strained relationship. But during a seemingly insignificant moment with her daughter, Birddog privately recollects her own adolescence and the tragic events which drove her to make Slide2the choices that threaten to destroy not only her own life but also that of her daughter.  Memories of loss, love, and unbearable hurt flood her mind.  But as each moment recedes once more, Birddog realizes that although life is partially fated, it is her own choices that determine her true destiny.