Hey. You. The one tangled in Christmas lights with a to-do list two pages long sitting next to you. The one who is mailing cards, baking cookies, taking your kids to school, and working a second shift for your side hustle. The one who is a writer in addition to everything else. I am talking […]

Soon most of us will celebrate Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family and far too much food. Although many people relate this holiday to spending time with loved ones, watching football, and indulging in food and drink, it shouldn’t be forgotten that this is a time to pause, reflect and be grateful. It is often […]

Writers, by nature, are in tune with their emotions. One of the dominant characteristics of an artistic (i.e. writer, artist, musician) person is the ability to feel, assess, understand, and translate feelings into a creative medium, which is used to communicate to a larger audience of people. Writers are intuitively empathetic; it’s a gift that […]

How do you get to know someone you’ve just met? You ask questions, and if you really want to know them you ask a lot of questions. We become interested and invested in others when we know more about them. Learning about someone (i.e. Discovering where they’re from, their ideals, beliefs, etc.) is imperative in […]

Selling Your Writing Doesn’t Have To Be A Puzzle Writers are fervent about words, stories, writing. Simply, writers love to write. It why we choose to sit in front of a blank page until it is filled with the ideas our heads hold and our imagination unfurls. Most writers would agree that writing isn’t a […]