Month: April 2017

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.”  –Mark Twain I am sure there are many writers who are extremely productive—efficiently and expeditiously creating masterful works of writing within self-imposed deadlines. Writers who set a word or page count and meet it every time, writers who don’t postpone […]

Most every person, at some point, experiences a tragedy. Not many in this life go unscathed from a pain so considerable that it knocks you down, takes your breath, and leaves you wanting for the words to express it. Many people who feel deep sorrow cope with it in one of two ways. There are […]

Have you ever read a book, or ten, to which you felt a deep connection? A book in which the story felt much like your own with characters you seemed to know and places that felt familiar? These are the books that readers tend to love most. Why? People tend to gravitate towards individuals and […]

For many writers, the reason that they write is because they have a story idea that nags at them, keeping them awake at night and pressing against their brain until they are forced to write it. As writers, most of us know what it is to have ongoing character dialogue running through our mind at […]

Writing is not a traditional career path. The course writers take in pursuit of their passion is often unclearly marked, winding, and, at points, precarious. The only way for many to clear the path to becoming an author is with drive and determination. There are, of course, other elements that contribute to a writer’s success. […]